Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Rumors of a Lamborghini off-road supercar go back nearly a decade, but things got serious in 2019 when the automaker launched the Huracan Sterrato concept.

Lamborghini has been silent about the concept’s production plans, but prototypes for a high-end Huracan have been spotted in the last year and we now have the first official photos of what is likely to be the production version.

Lamborghini on Tuesday released a series of photos and a video depicting a high-end Huracan with the same fender flares and driving lights as the concept. No further details were released, apart from the slogan “beyond the concrete”.

We should see the debut of the new Huracan variant later on. Lamborghini plans to launch four models in 2022, two based on the Huracan and two on the Urus. We saw the Technical Huracan in April, and it is likely that the high-riding Huracan will be the second of two Huracan models planned this year.

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato concept

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato concept

Don’t be surprised if it ends up being called Huracan Sterrato, just like the concept. A trademark for the Sterrato name was filed by Lamborghini only last fall. It is Italian for “dirty”, indicating that this model is ideal for rally-style dirt tracks and other uneven surfaces.

More and more buyers are looking for supercars that they can drive year-round, as well as drive without fear of potholes doing serious damage. That’s why Porsche is also reading a high-end 911, and we’re sure others will be ready to follow the trend, especially as supercar sales in emerging markets, where road conditions aren’t always the best, continue to grow.

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