Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Bentley won’t launch its first electric vehicle until 2026, a year later than originally planned, according to the brand’s CEO.

In an interview with Automotive News (subscription required) released Wednesday, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said the EV was delayed, but did not provide a reason.

However, he denied that the delay was due to reported setbacks at Volkswagen Group’s Cariad software development unit. Bloomberg reported Monday that the Volkswagen Group CEO’s shuffling last week was due to delays in model launches at Audi, Bentley and Porsche caused by software glitches.

The first Bentley EV is in development alongside a similar Audi model called the Project Artemis, with both to use a version of VW Group’s future SSP platform. The Porsche was originally part of the project, but reportedly pulled out earlier this year. Porsche is now expected to use the VW group’s PPE platform for its model, which will debut shortly in the Audi Q6 E-Tron.

Hadrian's hallmark

Hadrian’s hallmark

Hallmark said that despite the delay, which will actually only be a few months rather than a full year, Bentley will still reveal the EV in 2025.

He did not say whether the delay will also lead Bentley to fail to reach its goal of having a full electric lineup by 2030, a goal that was first announced in 2020.

Interestingly, Hallmark said Bentley is in the unique position that an EV battery is actually cheaper than the engines Bentley uses in its cars.

“The average battery is less than our 12-cylinder engine,” he told Automotive News. “I can’t wait for the batteries to arrive, they are cheap in relative terms.”

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