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Mini has big plans for its future and everything revolves around electrification and fun and original design. Some of these have been shown with ambitious concepts like the Mini Urbanaut micro-van, but now let’s take a look at what’s coming soon with the Mini Aceman (a curiously similar name to the ill-fated two-door Paceman). It’s still a show car at this point, but it hints at a production electric SUV.

The overall shape is clearly Mini. It’s a boxy little thing with a contrasting roof, wraparound glass, fender flares, big headlights, and a big grille. But now everything is blunt and angular. The grille has distinct sides, as do the headlights, which correspond to the corners. The wheel arches are squared off and the whole body has more chiseled panels. It gives the whole thing a more robust shape than the usual Mini, which suits its style and its crossover mission. And because it’s an electric vehicle, it has a filled grille and flush door handles. All of these aspects are likely to show up in an Aceman production. Probably not appearing in the production model is the eye-catching LED grille capable of displaying all kinds of colors and patterns. It is also paired with similarly animated puddle lights. We also doubt that the production model will feature bright orange covers over the external speakers that provide safety sounds but also welcome sequence sounds. The Union Jack taillights, however, are probably happening, since they are already in the current range of production Minis. That Union Jack roof rack wouldn’t be out of the question either.

Mini also noted that the Aceman production will slide between the Mini Hardtop and the Mini Countryman in the lineup. The size seems to support this. It’s about an inch longer than the four-door Mini Hardtop and about six inches taller. And all those numbers are well short of the larger Countryman, aside from the height, which is similar.

Mini Aceman concept

The inside is even more interesting than the outside. Mini says he applied the idea of ​​”charismatic simplicity” to the car, and that’s where he really shows it. It just has a simple dash in front of the funky green velvet steering wheel and mounted to it is a circular OLED touchscreen infotainment display. The design idea outlined by the original Mini revival of the early 2000s continues, but very neat. Below the screen is an oval-shaped control strip with a selection of physical toggle switches for stereo and climate controls, a further nod to the toggles introduced by that old modern Mini. Apparently the infotainment system is also based on Android. All of this seems likely for production. Less likely are the wild, 90s sensibility interior colors and upholstery. The same goes for the extended display system where graphics ranging from floating clouds to navigation maps can be projected onto dashboard panels.

Unfortunately, Mini hasn’t given any details about the powertrain other than the fact that it’s electric. So this is clearly just a design exercise. But with an expected production version of the Aceman coming around 2024, we should eventually get some details on power, range and more in a couple of years.

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