Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Jay Leno and Ford revealed an F-150 Lightning pickup made in the same paint and color scheme as WalMart founder, first president and CEO Sam Walton’s first truck, a 1979 F-150. road during the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise run in front of a small crowd of spectators.

Much like Walton’s F-150, Leno’s new Lightning has a two-tone red and white paint scheme. It has gray wheels and a gray Lightning-style grille, and generally looks like a faithful replica of Walton’s old truck, minus most of the chrome and isn’t a standard cab – Ford doesn’t offer the Lightning in anything but the Crew Cab, so it’s impossible to replicate. Leno’s new Lightning has the dog box in the truck bed, which is similar to what Walton used as an avid hunter.

What isn’t similar to Walton’s pickup is how feature-rich it is. The pickup owned by the founder of WalMart was the home base. It didn’t even have air conditioning. We don’t have photos of the new truck’s interior yet, but the Lightning’s screen-heavy interior doesn’t look anything like what can be found in the F-150 in 1979.

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