Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Foxconn has announced two more vehicles for Foxtron, a nascent electric vehicle brand launched a year ago by the Taiwanese contract manufacturing giant during its annual Hon Hai Tech Day.

The two vehicles include the Model V pickup truck and the Model B compact sedan. The company previewed both teaser videos and confirmed the reveal for this year’s Hon Hai Tech Day, scheduled for October 18.


Foxconn was short on details, but described the pickup as “Taiwan’s first self-designed and developed multifunctional electric pickup truck.”

It’s hard to judge from the teaser, but the Model V appears to be a mid-sized pickup. It also appears to have conventional brake rotors and not the wheel motors of the Endurance electric pickup that Foxconn will soon be building for electric vehicle startup Lordstown at a plant in Ohio.

The Model B is a beautiful hatch with a C-pillar design that appears to have been borrowed from the Volkswagen ID.3 compact hatch sold overseas. Foxconn said the Model B is based on the company’s modular EV platform first announced in 2020.

The platform also underpins a Model C crossover and a Model E sedan, both shown last year alongside a Model T bus. Timing and market availability of the vehicles have not been announced.

Then One

Then One

In addition to Foxconn’s Foxtron brand electric vehicles, Foxconn also plans to build electric vehicles under contract. Many of these will be built at GM’s former Ohio facility, which was acquired by Foxconn from Lordstown last year. Foxconn will use the facility to build the aforementioned Lordstown Endurance pickup, as well as a vehicle codenamed Project PEAR for Fisker and a tractor for electric farm equipment company Monarch.

Foxconn also announced this week that it will build prototypes for the One compact sedan from startup EV Indi at the Ohio plant. Should Indi be successful with the development of One, Foxconn said it is also open to creating customer examples under contract.

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