Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Lucid Motors is finally ready with branded accessories. The California electric vehicle maker leveraged the same members who designed the Air to come up with the first four aftermarket options, while maintaining an aesthetic consistent with the six-figure electric sedan. Probably the most pleasing item for owners will be the Connected Home Charging Station which costs $ 1,200. The sleek little black box with Wi-Fi maximizes level 2 AC charging capacity, supporting the 19.2kW of charging the Air is capable of and injecting 80 miles of range into the battery pack every hour. It is also bi-directional, capable of returning juice to a home energy storage system via the 24-foot “light” cable. The station doubles the charging power of the mobile charging cable that all Air trims are supplied with, which peaks at 9.6kW and is good for 40 miles of range for every hour connected.

It’s not cheap, but it’s priced as a luxury item for a luxury vehicle, and it’s still lower than Ford’s Pro Charging Station which costs $ 1,310 at retail. Tesla has been reworking its charging options lately, releasing a third-generation Wall Connector for $ 400. That is compatible with nearly all electric vehicles, but peaks at 11.5 kW, down from the 19.2 capacity. kW of the second generation charger.

The rest of the accessories fit the “active lifestyle” that automakers consistently consider to be the ideal demographic. The $ 500 black aluminum cross bars clip snugly into the roof slots. They can support 165 pounds, are said to have “minimal impact on aerodynamics,” and work with a set of standard Yakima mounts to hold outdoor gear. The Cargo Capsule was made to sit on these bars, adding 11.47 cubic feet of storage space to the Air’s already bulky 32.5 feet of internal cargo space with the second row seats raised. It’s a shame what the wind and the elements will do at Capsule, though; the glossy and matte black finish on the ABS shell is truly elegant. The case can be opened from either side of the vehicle and is equipped with interior lighting to relieve rummaging in the dark. We’re still not sure why the Capsule costs $ 2,000, but we’d like to find out.

Finally, a $ 250 set of all-weather floor mats will help keep the Earth out of the car instead of becoming part of the Air’s carpet. Heavy-duty, non-slip, waterproof, with raised edges to prevent dirt from escaping, they are shaded to match the Air’s interior options in ceramic, graphite, saddle and black shades.

Frankly, the final three pieces of equipment sound like prep for the Lucid Gravity SUV presumably arriving next year, even though press photos for the Gravity featured a slimmer roof box than the Air unit.

Accessories can be ordered now at Lucid’s, deliveries are expected to begin later this year. The home charging station is the only restricted item, sold in limited quantities until 2023.

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