Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Volkswagen said it would offer a GTI 40th Anniversary Edition model when it revealed the news for model year 2023, and now we can finally see it.

This special model marks the 40th anniversary of the GTI in the United States (not in the world), and is a unique model for our market. The package is sure to appeal to enthusiasts who want all performance options in an intriguing visual package. It starts with the basic S setup, but adds DCC adaptive dampers, speed-sensitive steering, unique 19-inch wheels, and summer tires usually reserved for high-end highway setups. It also starts at $ 34,150 for the manual, which is thousands less than the $ 40,000 + highway trim. If all you want is performance and looks, this Anniversary Edition model looks like a great deal.

The appearance package put together by VW is neat. Two exclusive paint colors are available, including Tornado Red (pictured) and Urano Gray. Also optional (but not exclusive to the model) are Opal White Pearl and Pomelo Yellow Metallic. All Anniversary Edition models will have black roofs with black mirror caps. The decals on the door sills feature a honeycomb design and “40” to refer to it as the Anniversary Edition. Those 19-inch wheels we mentioned earlier are the same ones you’ll see on the European-spec GTIs and also feature a red pinstripe accent around the outer rim.

Edition for the 40th anniversary of the VW GTI from 2023

Inside, you’ll find a “40” clasp at the bottom center of the steering wheel. Checkered seats come standard, and if you get the manual, you’ll get a golf ball-inspired gear knob instead of the new square knob on regular GTIs. DSG-equipped models, priced at $ 35,950, have the same gearbox that looks like a beard trimmer.

Volkswagen says it plans to sell around 1,500 units of the 40th Anniversary Edition car. It will go on sale sometime in the middle of the model year.

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